York and Winstanley progress

New council homes could be on the way in Battersea as part of a plan to keep the local sports centre open for longer than anticipated.

In 2015 it was agreed that Battersea Sports Centre would remain open until when the site would be needed for demolition and rebuilding, potentially early next year, to rehouse residents while new council homes are built at the nearby Winstanley and York Road estates.

However, the council says it has now begun the process of potentially buying another site, on Shuttleworth Road, to use for the first phase decant. This would enable the sports centre to stay open until the council has “greater contractual certainty” of when a new replacement leisure facility will be built beside York Gardens as part of the estates regeneration.

Cllr Paul Ellis, Cabinet Member for Housing, said: ‚ÄúThis new site is needed to help enable the redevelopment of the Winstanley and York Road estates, backed by 70 per cent of respondents to a 2013 consultation, and to provide new council homes for social renting. It also extends our pledge to keep Battersea Sports Centre open for longer than was considered possible last year.”

The independently-owned site at Shuttleworth Road adjoins land the council already owns. Previously, both sites were to be sold together for private development.

The Winstanley and York Road scheme will reprovide all council homes on the estates at social rents, and build 100 more on sites nearby, potentially including Shuttleworth Road, as well as hundreds of new properties for market rent with longer tenancies, and for below market rent, along with the new leisure centre and expanded health and education facilities, paid for by building housing for market sale.

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