York and Winstanley announcement

Wandsworth Council is set to decide on its development partner for the 2,000 home Winstanley and York Road estates regeneration.

A competition was launched in January 2016 to find a development partner to replace outdated housing in a 32-acre section of these estates.

The Winstanley and York Road regeneration aims to open up the area to the wider neighbourhood with a street-based design involving street doors, similar to the neighbouring Kambala Estate, and with no distinction between social and private housing.

Proposals also include a redesigned and improved park; a new leisure centre (pictured); a new community centre; a new library; new shops and business space.

A total of 530 council homes will be demolished and reprovided on the estates for secure tenants, as well as newly-built homes for all owner-occupiers. One hundred new shared ownership properties, with 100 homes to be let at affordable rents, and 300 at market rents, will be built, with properties for sale helping to pay for the redevelopment.

The council will enter into a Joint Vehicle arrangement with the development partner, which will provide local residents with jobs, training and apprenticeships.

The recommendation for the preferred bidder will be decided on during a meeting of the council’s Executive.

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