Work starts on council homes in Stanmore

Harrow_new_homes__Chenduit_Way_web_1Work has started on the Stanmore site of the first new Council homes to be built in Harrow a generation in 25 years.

Council leader David Perry said “These affordable rent homes are being built to the highest quality. They’re stylish and set amongst trees and greenery. I’m proud that our Council is setting right decades of neglect. We promised the people of Harrow that we would support our families with places to live – and this is just the start of Building a Better Harrow.”

The new family sized homes are the first of 80 to be built by the end of 2018.

Councilor Glen Hearnden, Cabinet member for Housing, said “When we talk about Building a Better Harrow – this is what we mean. We’re taking Harrow families out of bed and breakfast, temporary accommodation and out of cramped bedsits. To do it – we’re demolishing these eyesore garages that were barely ever used and attracted anti-social behaviour.

“This is win-win for everyone and is the kind of work that Councils are meant to do.”

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