WLB welcomes Davies

West London Business, which represents over 800 businesses in West London, has welcomed the Davies Commission decision to recommend expansion at Heathrow as the best solution to our shortage of airport capacity.

“This is very good news for West London and for the UK economy”, they said in a statement.

They have consistently said that expanding the national hub airport is the most logical transport option of the three chosen by the Commission. They believe the UK needs greater hub operations to meet the UK’s economic needs for international connectivity and trade links to existing and emerging long-haul markets, and say expanding Heathrow will create new jobs, boost exports and freight volumes and stimulate economic growth, “while costing the public sector nothing”.

They say that they believe expansion should and can be achieved within the necessary environmental conditions relating to noise and pollution.

Frank Wingate, CEO, said: “Now the Government needs to act on the Davies Commission’s recommendation, which is the result of two years’ comprehensive consideration. We need a swift and clear Government decision, with no more prevaricating, to get on with the job and build a hub airport more appropriate for the country’s economic needs”.

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