WLA to launch 5G West

In February 2021, the West London Alliance will be kicking off the 5G West Project. This new initiative aims to accelerate the deployment of 5G in West London, delivering the benefits of this new technology more quickly to business and residents.

5G West will focus on inclusive growth and developing collaborations with the private sector to prioritise and encourage investment into communities which are a risk of being left behind or excluded from new services. We will be working to direct investment into better connectivity which will remove network barriers to residents accessing online healthcare, education and well-being services. It will also broaden the range of employment opportunities available for home workers.

The project will create a powerful new analytics tool – the Connected Map. The Connected Map will be developed in line with practices created at the Department of Culture, Media and Sports’ (DCMS) national flagship project – West Midlands 5G (WM5G).

Together with existing coverage plans from mobile network operators, the WLA Connected Map will be a powerful tool to accelerate the deployment of 5G across West London, helping to close existing 4G coverage gaps. The Connected Map will illustrate the true picture of digital infrastructure, enabling local authorities and mobile network operators and other investors to review their priorities together. This will include innovation with public and private 5G networks in multiple sectors across West London to support the delivery of the WLA Build and Recover Plan.

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