WiFi for London Overground

Transport for London has announced that London Overground stations are to offer free WiFi to passengers.

This will please business, as staff will be able to remain connected on the move. However, they have stopped short of providing access on the trains themselves, which will be less pleasing.

Businesses are still unhappy that the WiFi access provided free at London Underground stations during the Olympics last year has now converted to a pay-to-use service operated by Virgin Media. Lobbyists say that the access should have remained free, or at least offered more than one provider.

The Capital’s orbital rail network will now be connected via The Cloud with the first hour free.

Peter Austin, Managing Director of LOROL, which delivers London Overground services on behalf of TfL and has signed the contract with The Cloud, said: “We are always looking for ways to make the London Overground even more convenient than it already is and believe the introduction of free Wi-Fi can only improve and enhance our passenger journeys.”

Vince Russell, managing director at The Cloud, said: “London Overground stations are a hive of activity for people travelling in and out of London. This is especially true of workers commuting into the city. For these people, the ability to check emails or perhaps access work documents on the go is vital.”

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