Wheatsheaf Article 4’s granted

Wandsworth Council has now granted two Article 4 Directions for the Wheatsheaf pub in Tooting.

This means the owners now need planning permission before the building can be converted into a shop or demolished.

Planning spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “Permitted development rights have now been removed from this well loved pub which is an important step in the right direction. However we must be clear that the Article 4s alone do not guarantee The Wheatsheaf’s future.

“A ‘change of use’ application this council decides to refuse could be overturned on appeal. This is a very real threat and it’s important that local people are not misled into thinking the pub is now safe.

“We believe the only way to properly protect The Wheatsheaf is by introducing a new policy within the borough’s official planning guidance. This would give the council real powers to refuse change of use applications and to successfully defend that decision if it’s brought to appeal. The wheels are already in motion and our draft ‘supplementary planning guidance’ will include a pub protection policy. It will be put out to consultation later this year.”

Last year the council added The Wheatsheaf to its list of Assets of Community Value which gives members of the community an opportunity to bid for the site should it come up for sale. It was also added to the borough’s local list of significant buildings.

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