WEZ demise confirmed

Boris Johnson has confirmed the Western Extension to the Congestion Charging Zone (WEZ) will come to an end on Christmas Eve.

The expected announcement follows an election¬†manifesto commitment from Johnson, and a consultation exercise. Mayor Johnson said: “The people of west London had the western extension unfairly foisted upon them and they have now voiced their antipathy for it loud and clear on several occasions. After negotiating a testing course of several legal hurdles, I am delighted to be able to confirm that it will now be removed by Christmas. It will be vanquished, annihilated and obliterated, with road markings literally blasted from the earth over the festive period.”

The announcement will be welcomed by businesses and residents, with whom the WEZ was uniformly unpopular, and is timely, with the charge itsel scheduled to rise fro £8 to £10 on January 2011.

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