Westfield Vue cinema to open soon

The Vue cinema complex will open at Westfield in two weeks, reports the Hammersmith Chronicle. The 14 sceen mulitplex claims to be the most technologically advanced in the UK.

Vue has reiterated its pledge to continue operating its older existing cinema at the West 12 shopping centre, across Shepherd’s Bush Green from the new mega-mall. It is likely to focus on more specialist offerings such as Bollywood movies and art-house films.

Vue signed with Westfield last year when Showcase Cinemas pulled out at the last minute due to financial difficulties.

The new cinema will open its doors on February 12, in time to mark Valentine’s Day with a screening of the Audrey Hepburn classic, Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Michael Gutman, managing director of Westfield in the UK and Europe, said: “With its unique mixture of large screens and intimate theatres, this new attraction should provide another massive boost to centre visitation.”

It is hoped that the new cinema will help the night-time economy around the centre, which has not taken off as well as the daytime one.

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