West London wins on sustainability and wellbeing

West London has four of the top ten boroughs for both sustainability and wellbeing, according to a new report from CBRE.
CBRE’s Hot 100 identifies the top 10 boroughs in a number of categories, aiming to provide a snapshot of the biggest London housing market trends. The report says that  London is often perceived in terms of its economic contribution to the UK, and as a centre for employment, but the health and wellbeing of a population of over nine million is critical to its  success. The wellbeing ranking is made up of many different factors. Open space is one, as it can provide relief from busy urban environments, and promote exercise. The West London boroughs will have been helped by their large number of Green Flag parks – a sign of excellence in green space management.
In the wellbeing list, Barnet is at no.2, Hillingdon at no.3, Hounslow at 9 and Ealing at 10 – four of the seven West London boroughs in the top 30%.
In the sustainability category, Ealing came out top, with Hillingdon, Barnet and Harrow also making the top 10. This is quite an achievement, in the “most sustainable city in the world”, according to the Sustainable Cities Index, ahead of Stockholm, Edinburgh, Singapore and Vienna. This ranking is again based on a number of factors, recycling rates, renewable installations such as solar panels, electric vehicle use, and environmental initiatives.
Hammersmith and Fulham ranked fifth in the overall ranking.
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