West London Orbital – twelve miles of opportunity

The West London Orbital (WLO), the most significant transport scheme to be committed in 2018, will produce 12 miles of new opportunity.

The scheme, which was included in the recently published Mayor’s Transport Strategy, will run from Brent Cross West to Hounslow via Old Oak in 39 minutes on 12 miles of existing track – a journey which on currently available public transport would be somewhat slower. We can look forward to taking that easier journey from 2026.

The scheme, which can enable the building of 20,000 new homes, has the full support of TfL and all seven West London boroughs. It will also help people living in 70,000 homes in existing regeneration schemes connect with over 100,000 jobs.

It has been championed by the West London Alliance (WLA), the grouping of seven West London councils, which uses the combined weight of the boroughs to do things they would struggle to do on their own. Its inclusion in the Mayor’s Transport Strategy is a significant achievement, and testament to the new commitment to collaborative working which the WLA represents.

Luke Ward, Head of Growth, Employment and Skills at WLA, speaking at a briefing at London Real Estate Forum, said: “We were delighted when WLO was not only included in the MTS, but was the first scheme mentioned on the press announcement.”

“This is a mandated scheme – not just some proposal – and we’re now in delivery mode, with people across West London and the GLA working on this right now. There are opportunities all along the 12 mile route, and now is the time for the development community to get engaged.

“The borough’s local plans will all be lining up with WLO, so you can expect to see consultations coming forward, which we want the development community to join in with.

“Orbital schemes have been proposed before, mosty by individual boroughs, but now we have a scheme that is going to happen. This shows hat you can do when boroughs join up, with a shared democratic mandate.

“This same collaborative philosophy lies behind Capital West London, our new inward investment programme, which we also want the development community to join in with.”

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