West London needs world-class digital infrastructure

West London’s creative industries needs world-class digital infrastructure to meet the challenges of the future.

Niall Bolger, chief executive of Hounslow Council, spoke about a vision for growth being launched in a white paper coinciding with the Capital West London Growth Summit.

Speaking at a seminar called Connecting Opportunities, Mr Bolger said: “We have to rethinking connectivity in terms of digital infrastructure and sustainable infrastructure in relation in how we’re going to manage green infrastructure for the future.

“It’s about moving people and moving goods, services but also looking at different ways we can achieve as outcomes with digital infrastructure.

“West London as a sub-region is home to 48 per cent of the creative industry jobs in London so part of their feedstock is absolutely world class digital infrastructure and connectivity. They require that for their global competitiveness.

“Equally some of the supply chain and creative industry sector, particularly in Hounslow where we’re home to a creative enterprise zone in west London, requires us to think about how we invest in that digital infrastructure, in Smart City infrastructure to make it sustainable in the long term.

“So we’re really pleased that we have a strategic investment fund project which is starting those conversations about how we get smart travel, for example, how we encourage citizens to make choices informed by real time data about their travel choices.

“While we are growing part of London and a growing part of the UK we also need to be conscious about the carbon commitments we are making as well, making those lifestyle choices.

“We need full fibre networks, the world-class digital infrastructure to deliver those outcomes that we require for the future.”

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