West London Alliance One Public Estate plan could deliver 4,500 homes

The West London Alliance’s One Public Estate programme is working with key public sector bodies to bring forward sites for redevelopment, with the potential to build over 4,500 new homes.

The scheme is part of the Government’s One Public Estate programme, delivered in partnership by the LGA and the Office of Government Property (OGP) within the Cabinet Office, and it has identified over 40 hectares of land so far.

Four key public estate sites across West London have already been earmarked for potential development, including:

  • Hounslow Cavalry Barracks, where the 14.7 hectare listed cavalry barracks could become the site for 1,000 new homes.
  • Hounslow Feltham Barracks, here the 14 hectares MOD site could generate 1,500 new homes.
  • OPDC Triangle, which is a 1.2 hectare site, could bring forward 600 new homes.
  • The Harrow Civic Centre would be relocated, allowing for the redevelopment of the current centre, delivering potentially 850 new homes as well as a new centre of public administration.

Alongside these complex sites which can be reutilised, the West London OPE Programme is also reviewing the publci sector estate across West London with a view to improving services and facilities and potentially creating more sites for the development of new homes. Three projects have already been identified in West London.

  • Belmont Health Centre, where the redevelopment of the Centre will provide a brand-new fit-for-purpose health facility and support the redevelopment of three adjacent sites, 10 hectares in all, which will create new community facilities and 119 new homes.
  • White City Housing and Community Hub, where the redevelopment of multiple publicly owned sites and buildings, including the former health centre would create a new multi-use community hub with facilities for multi-agency service delivery and the creation of 200 new homes.
  • The Ealing Blue Lights pilot project will also look at creating joint bases for the blue light services which covers six police sites, four fire station sites, and three ambulance sites. It’s estimated that in Ealing this project could release up to two hectares of land and create 250 additional new homes. If successful, the project could be extended to other West London boroughs too.

Further information on these sites will be available at the inaugural Capital West London Growth Summit on 30th October, giving delegates the chance to find out why West London is THE opportunity area for investors, developers and businesses.

To find out more and to book your place visit www.cwlgrowthsummit.co.uk

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