West Ken and Gibbs Green row deepens

The dispute between Hammersmith & Fulham Council and Capital & Counties over the ownership of two council estates has deepened, with the Council saying Capco have gone back on their word.

The parties met earlier in 2018 to discuss the estates, sold to Capco under the terms of a conditional land sale agreement signed by the previous council administration.

The current council, led by Cllr Stephen Cowan, has always opposed the sale, and sought to regain control of the future of the estates, which Capco includes in its Earls Court portfolio, which was recently subject to a downward revaluation.

Now the council says the developer agreed to return the estates at the meeting, but Capco suggests this is not the case.

The council are confident. An H&F spokesperson said: “If Capco is happy to release the letters exchanged between us and them following the meeting on 2 March, the Council is happy to make them public.

“Those letters will show that – as the letter from the Council’s Leader states – Mr Hawksworth did indeed agree it would be in the best interests of the Council and Capco to return the estates to Council ownership in exchange for return of the monies paid to the Council.

“The Council’s Leader and Ian Hawksworth shook hands on this.

“In subsequent correspondence Capco have backtracked from this position, changing on more than one occasion the terms on which they would return the estates.”

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