Wembley Link SPD goes to consultation

wembley link areaBrent Council is consulting on its Wembley Link Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).

This refers to 11ha of land on both sides of the Wembley High Road from Wembley Triangle to Chesterfield House (at the corner of High Road and Park Lane) including the Brent House and Copland school sites, and talks of the creation of a “new sustainable community” on the land, which it describes as presently “run down”.

The Wembley Link SPD should provide guidance and a framework for the development and improvements to the area. Chris Walker, Assistant Director for Planning and Development at Brent Council said that the regeneration of Wembley has to date been focussed around Wembley Stadium, with and Wembley Central Station, but that “the area in between these two sites also provides significant redevelopment opportunities and is a crucial crossover between the Wembley Stadium area and Wembley High Road. The proposals for Wembley Link seek to transform this important part of Wembley into a vibrant and attractive place to live, shop and work.”

The Wembley Link SPD focusses on retaining office floor space but allow for more homes to be built, improving key road junctions and bridges, providing a supermarket, assisting with the redevelopment of Copland school, and providing new family housing.

The draft Supplementary Planning Document can be viewed at Brent Council’s website.  

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