Was MIPIM really worth the effort?

West London took a delegation to the property investment show, showcasing the reasons why international money should come to the sub-region. One of the delegation, Tony Laws of Clearview Homes, writes about his experiences.

Tony says: Each year MIPIM comes round like a “One Night Stand”. Brimming with expectation, after a considerable cash investment.

Like all initial relationships “cautious optimism” seemed to be the way that most approached new relationships this year.

With attendances only marginally down on last year Clearview Homes as residential developer and house builder made it their sixth date on the trot! Having weathered the inclement recessive climate (and the often inclement Cannes weather) over the past six years we did not anticipate an overly passionate response from MIPIM 2012.

However being of the mind that sound and lasting intimate relationships are forged by hard work and careful preparation, it soon became clear that once again the Clearview Motor yacht was to be a tranquil haven for those wishing to escape the frenetic “business speed-dating”  of the exhibition halls and enjoy a more relaxed exploration of business compatibility.

These included local authorities, bankers, agents, architects and the usual smattering of consultants, interior designers and PR “specialists”. There were no seductive offers but a genuine desire to calmly further useful business connections; no bashful reticence to ask for the business; a real desire to get lasting positive results.

Exchanges of statistics and telephone numbers held the promise of furtherance of relationships. Already relationships have resulted and further “dates” arranged.

As a result of this year’s MIPIM, Clearview Homes and our London Partnership, have commenced progressive and hopefully lasting bonds.

Stepping back and reviewing, “How was it for us?” MIPIM was, as usual, worth the effort” How was it for you?

Tony Laws of Clearview Homes tlaws@clearviewhomes.co.uk

Website: www.clearviewhomes.co.uk




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