Warren Farm JR fails

A judicial review in relation to Ealing Council’s approval of plans to turn Warren Farm sports ground into a training centre for QPR has been unsuccessful.

The Court of Appeal rejected the application for review of the council’s planning decision made by Hanwell Community Forum and confirmed that the council acted appropriately in granting Queen’s Park Rangers Football Club planning permission.

QPR’s plans for a new training centre will also provide community facilities and a community sports programme, which the council hopes will significantly improve local people’s access to sport.

Councillor Julian Bell, leader of the council, said: “I am delighted with the judicial review decision and, with QPR set to invest millions of pounds into the community sports facilities, I’m confident we’ve secured the best deal for local people.

“Once the site is up-and-running, QPR will implement a significant community sports development programme which focuses on encouraging local people, particularly young women, older people and people with disabilities, to get involved in sport. The club will also be responsible for on-going maintenance of the new facilities, with no cost to taxpayers or the council.”

QPR CEO Lee Hoos said: “A new training ground has always been at the forefront of our strategic planning for the Club. This decision is fantastic news and a massive step forward that finally gives us the pathway we need to see this priority through. The objectors have 28 days in which to file an appeal to the Supreme Court. The expiry of this will represent the final legal hurdle, which is significant news.”

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