Wandsworth consults on Godley Gardens

Wandsworth Council is consulting on improvement plans for Godley Gardens in Earlsfield as part of its Wandsworth Local Fund work.

Proposals include a musical area, a trampoline, communal seating, undulating surfaces and a sun dial.

Wandsworth Council is set to invest around £50,000 in this project through the Wandsworth Local Fund (WLF). This grant scheme pays for new and improved community facilities using funding collected from private development projects in the surrounding area.

Cllr Guy Senior, executive member for finance and corporate resources, said: “Right across Wandsworth the council is collecting a levy on private development sites and reinvesting these funds back into the community through the Wandsworth Local Fund (WLF). Our small parks improvement programme is just one example, and we are also funding improvements to our street network, new cycling facilities and upgraded street lighting.

“The WLF is an important way we ensure local people benefit directly from the high levels of new investment we are bringing to Wandsworth and if you want to nominate a local project then please get in touch with your local ward councillor.”

The WLF  is also known as the Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy.

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