Wandsworth consult on Roehampton

Wandsworth Council is preparing plans to improve Roehampton Town Centre, and the quality of housing and local shops.

They have opened a consultation on how improvements can be made, particularly in areas like employment, training, education, health and community safety.

Leader of Wandsworth Council, Councillor Ravi Govindia, said: “We want to improve the quality of housing, local shops and community facilities while at the same time improving services for residents.

“We have no firm proposals on the table and so need the help of residents to explore early ideas and shape future plans for the town centre.”

The council has been looking at ways to improve the area around the centre, with previous proposals to refurbish and rebuild the area around Allbrook House and Danebury Avenue having to be shelved in 2009 due to the onset of the recession.

There are no longer any firm proposals, but the same area is being looked at for improvement, providing such work safeguards, protects and enhances the interests of local people and businesses.

This regeneration initiative is part of the council’s wider ambitions for the area.

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