Wandsworth closes on estates masterplan appointment

Wandsworth Council is close to appointing a masterplanning team to work on a vision for the long-term Winstanley and York Road estates improvement project.

Last year Wandsworth announced it is prepared to commit up to £100m to help bring about more positive changes in the area as part of this project.

Wandsworth’s housing spokesman, Councillor Paul Ellis, said: “We have been investing significant sums in the Winstanley and York Road estates for many years – but want to see if we can do even more.”

“The current improvement project promises to be the most extensive yet as it aims to not only enhance and improve the physical environment but also to deliver commercial and community services and provide local people with greater education, employment and training opportunities.”

The council is currently looking to set up a steering group for the masterplanning exercise formed of residents, councillors, businesses and local providers of policing and health services.

The council say the masterplan team should be in place by May, and will then spend around nine months completing the plan.

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