Wandsworth approves pub, betting and fast food SPD

Wandsworth Council has approved planning guidance to protect community pubs, restrict the number of new fast food takeaways near schools and control the spread of betting shops.

The council says the ‘Town Centre Uses Supplementary Planning Document’ builds on policies in Wandsworth’s Local Plan. It helps guide planners on how pubs can be protected and whether takeaways or betting shops should be allowed to open.

In the case of Pubs, the guidance gives planners stronger grounds to refuse planning applications to redevelop local pubs. Refusal may be given if the pub is judged to be important historically or architecturally, or is important to its local community.

The council say that in June councillors will be asked to consider putting ‘Article 4 Directions’ on a number of important local pubs.

For betting shops, the new rules mean planning permission is now needed to open a new betting or payday loan shop. Planners also have stronger grounds to refuse applications if it is felt they “will result in a less diverse town centre or will adversely affect communities or local people’s health or wellbeing”. The new guidance will help prevent the over-concentration of betting shops within 400 metres.

For Takeaways, the guidance limits the number of new fast food takeways that can open with 400 metres of local schools or colleges. .

Deputy council leader Jonathan Cook said: “We have drawn up these guidelines in response to calls from local people to limit betting shops and takeaways and stop our much-loved pubs being destroyed. We hope this helps us maintain diverse, vibrant town centres that truly serve their local communities.”

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