Walsh says Tories “beggar belief”


BA CEO WIllie Walsh has hit back against the Tories plan to scrap the third runway at Heathrow.

In a widely reported speech to a City audience, he said the Conservatives were "all over the place" on aviation proposals.

The Tories say their proposals to create a new 180mph line linking London St Pancras, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds would cut Heathrow flights by 66,000 a year, or 30% of the planned capacity of the third runway.

Mr Walsh says the latest idea that a rail link from Leeds and Manchester to Heathrow would be an adequate substitute for a third runway "beggars belief".

He told the audience, "flights to Manchester and Leeds are less than three per cent of Heathrow’s current operation. The runway capacity this would free up would be swallowed almost immediately by natural growth".

See lookwest coverage of the Tory announcement.

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