UWL gives £128m to UK Plc

An independent report says that the University of West London contributed a total of £128 million to the UK economy in 2011-12.

The study conducted by Oxford Economics, “The Economic Impact of the University of West London”, says the University made an income generated contribution of £60 million to the local economy in Ealing, £88 million to London and £128 million to the UK economy in 2011-12. In addition, the University supported 1,850 jobs in London, and 2,975 jobs in the whole UK.

The report says the University contributes to the local and national economy through several unquantifiable impacts. These include the skills impact – supplying the labour market with highly skilled and dynamic workers – and research which plays an important role in innovation including creating new products and services, enhancing efficiency and social benefits.

Professor Peter John, Vice-Chancellor of the University of West London, commented: “In 2007 the University embarked on a new strategic direction, which saw the University of West London return to its original home in west London. Centralising the University’s operations in Ealing and Brentford provided UWL with a clear locational base, re-engaging with the local community. The findings from this report reflect the success of our strategy, creating a substantial positive impact to our local community.”

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