UK to grow India research partnership

Science Minister, Sam Gyimah, has announced, as part of Indian Prime Minister Modi’s visit to the UK, that the UK will continue to grow its research partnership with India with tech-focused investments that focus on issues of global importance including agriculture, clean energy, global health and the environment.

Britain is India’s second largest research partner, with joint investment between both countries in science and innovation having grown from almost nothing in 2008 to – hopes the Government – around £400 million by 2021, including over 200 individual projects, involving 175 different UK and Indian research institutions and more than 100 industry partners, funded in the last decade.

The expanded partnership will help deliver on the Government’s ambition to be the world’s most innovative nation through its Industrial Strategy, while, it is hoped, ensuring UK and Indian researchers, innovators and institutions are combining knowledge and expertise to feed the world’s hungry, protect the environment, save lives and drive economic inclusion.

For example, the UK and India are working to deliver a second wave of new joint projects under the Global Research Programme on Health, with UK and Indian researchers working trilaterally with partners in low-income countries to look at chronic and infectious diseases facing women and their unborn children.

Science Minister Sam Gyimah said: “By combining our best minds, our brightest innovators and our most forward-thinking institutions we will strengthen the living and learning bridge between our countries and achieve more together than we could alone.

“India is the world’s fastest growing major research power and the UK is one of the world’s top performing research nations. Together we will continue to build our unique relationship, ensuring that it is a partnership that brings benefits to countries across the world through world-class research that address shared goals.”

Included in the package are research and innovation funding awards made by UKRI under the Newton-Bhabha Programmes covering pulses and oilseeds; urban transformations; biotechnology for industrial waste; and an anti-Microbial Resistance programme.

Sir Mark Walport, Chief Executive UK Research and Innovation said: “The creation of UK Research and Innovation comes at an exciting time for both the UK and India. As the UK aims to raise total research and development investments to address global development challenges and new strategic priorities, so is India boosting investment in research and innovation, presenting a huge opportunity for collaboration in business-led innovation and high-quality research that changes lives.”

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