Treaty Centre investment

The Treaty Centre car park in Hounslow town centre will soon be getting a £1 million facelift as part of AG Quidnet’s multi-million investment to improve the shopping centre for shoppers and retailers.

Quidnet say that all aspects of the car park, from new barriers and state of the art payment machines to re-surfacing works and redecoration, new lighting and new signage, will form part of the £1 million investment plan.

The car park improvement works, which will be ready in time for Christmas, include resurfacing and redecoration works, new lighting, new signage, a new parking management system, new entry/exit barriers along with new payment machines with new more reliable barcode technology which will accept all forms of payment, not just cash as at present.

Nick Tribe, of AG Quidnet, said: “Improving the Treaty Centre car park will dramatically improve the shopping experience for visitors and will also help our efforts to attract new retailers to the High Street. The Treaty Centre car park is open to all town centre visitors, so by investing £1 million in improving the car park we will be helping all town centre retailers and shoppers.”

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