Three-quarters support Park Royal BID

A survey has revealed strong support for a Business Improvement District in Park Royal.

The survey asked if companies on Europe’s largest industrial park if they would be willing to pay the monthly levy necessary to fund the BID. 75% said yes, 15% no with 10% undecided.

Brian Hinchley, acting chief executive of Park Royal Partnership, told the Ealing Gazette: “This is a very high response rate, which means we can proceed to the next stage to identify every business likely to pay the levy.” He said a one per cent levy on businesses with a £50,000 or higher rateable value would generate a £1.4million annual investment fund.

If a Park Royal BID were to go ahead, it would be the biggest in the country. In order for a BID to be established, there would be a ballot early in 2011, which over half of businesses would need to support.

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