Third Runway – protesters buy land in Sipson, as decision may be delayed again

Heathrow planes A new twist to the Third Runway story emerged as protesters buy a plot of land in Sipson village, while reports suggest that the Government may delay its decision again.

The land in the blighted village is now owned by a coalition of anti-expansion campaigners, including Greenpeace and a few celebrities, who say they will resist all attempts to sell. What practical difference that would make remains to be seen, with over a decade to go before the runway is due to open, but it's an interesting wrinkle. See a fuller story from the BBC.

Reports are also circulating that the Government is about to announce it has delayed its decision further, amid continuing Labour back-bench opposition, and public outcry. The BBC reports a No.10 press spokesperson as saying "We said we would make an announcement in January, it's the 12th, there are many, many more days on which an announcement could be made."

The Government decision had been expected this week.

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