Your invite to shape strategy at the Capital West London Growth Summit Business Forum

Are you a West London business owner? You have the opportunity to shape the area’s future investment and infrastructure at the pivotal Capital West London Growth Summit on October 30.

The strategy-shaping event at The Drum, Wembley, brings together key players in West London to set out and discuss the exciting opportunities in the sub-region’s economy.

From 2.30pm to 3.45pm, over a hundred businesses will join a series of presentations and round table discussions as part of the Capital West London Trade Programme, a major new initiative commissioned by West London’s local authorities and delivered by the private sector.

The afternoon event is free for qualifying businesses to attend by invitation. Entitled The Capital West London Growth Summit Business Forum, it will be a major opportunity for businesses to influence and inform the future of the programme, by taking part in consultative discussions.

Facilitated by Middlesex University, PwC, and West London Business, the business programme will be a great long-term investment, as it will assist Capital West London in producing a business support programme which delivers on business needs. Participants will be specially selected as those with rapid growth potential who could benefit most from such support.

All delegates on the trade programme will be able to attend the final closing address of the Growth Summit, and be invited to the networking drinks reception which will follow.

Participation in the Summit’s business forum is free, but participants should meet the following criteria:
• Working in a Capital West London Priority Sector
• Creative/Digital/Tech
• Logistics
• Biopharma
• Food & drink
• Aviation
• Hospitality
• Currently actively exporting goods or services, or seeking to.
• Currently employing 10 or more staff
• Currently experiencing high growth (turnover, volume, staff or profit growing at 20% per annum or more) or planning to grow quickly in the short to medium term (24 months).

If your business meets these criteria, then you could benefit from attending.
See more, or apply to attend.

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