TfL says R3 could require £20bn investment in transport

Transport for London have presented  report suggesting a third runway at Heathrow would need up to £20bn on transport improvements.

The report was presented to the London Assembly. It suggests that between £15bn and £20bn would need to be spent to deal with the growth in passengers expansion would produce.

TfL think that otherwise there would be a level of crowding and congestion that would to impact on the performance of the transport network across west and south west London.

The key disagreement with the Airports Commission assessment seems to be that the Commission only did forecasts to 2030. TfL think that there would be further growth after that producing 30% more public transport journeys, and almost doubling those by car.

TfL’s report makes no attempt to analyse the effect on London’s transport networks of expanding Gatwick. or of the Mayor of London’s dream of an estuary airport. Both would certainly require some capacity increases on routes in to London.

A Heathrow spokesperson said expansion would come with a “step-change” in rail access to the airport, and by increasing the number of passengers taking public transport it would ensure there was no more airport-related traffic than today.

They said all but one of the major improvements to rail connections already had public funding committed, with only the proposed Southern Rail connection requiring additional finance.

“We are confident in our plans because we already have an outstanding record in increasing the use of public transport to get to the airport and encouraging people to shift out of their cars”.

“Over the last 20 years, our passenger numbers have risen by almost 80% but airport related traffic has remained static.”



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