Tesco shelves Greenford expansion plans

Tesco has put plans to expand their Greenford store on hold indefinitely on cost grounds.

The plans, approved in 2009, would have doubled the size of the store and provided a car park for general use by Greenford shoppers – something which had been a popular feature of the scheme with other traders and the general public.

Tony Fletcher, corporate affairs manager for Tesco, told the Ealing Gazette: “For the foreseeable future, we’ve decided we will not be proceeding with this scheme. We’re not saying it’s forever but it’s quite an expensive scheme and quite difficult to bring it about at this time. We’re continuing to talk to the council about our options going forward and will continue to review it.”

There was disappointment from the council, with Ealing Council leader Julian Bell telling the Gazette: “I’m very disappointed with the news but I’m relieved that it’s not cancelled completely. We will continue to work with Tesco to bring this project forward.”

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