Tesco get green light in Greenford

Tesco's large store planned for Greenford Broadway has been approved by LB Ealing.

The three-floor store will be built into the slope from Greenford Road, the site of an existing Tesco, to Oldfield Lane South. Entrances at each end will be joined by one in Ruislip Road in the Broadway.

It will nearly double the size of the Tesco store, with over 5,000 sqm compared to the current 2,340. The development also includes a cafe and independent shops and preserves the fa├žade of the old cinema.

At the planning meeting that granted approval, there was much discussion of increased traffic, but Council officers said traffic flow models showed the increase would not be as bad as feared, increasing in Oldfield Lane South by a maximum of 10 per cent at peak times. They said roadworks paid for by the scheme would mitigate this, and lorries would not be allowed to enter or exit from the north of the site.

Tesco spokesman James Wiggam said the parking spaces would be free, regardless of whether motorists used them to visit Tesco, and said he was delighted with the result.

He added: "Our proposals complement the Council's Good for Greenford project helping to create a more business and shopper-friendly environment."

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