Ten people make half of Heathrow complaints

CHE03115dHeathrow received just over 25000 noise complaints in the three months to September 2016, according to the Airport’s own report, but over 12000 of them were from the same ten people.

The report was covered by the Evening Standard. It shows that leafy Richmond produced the largest number of complainants of any borough, which might give Zac Goldsmith hope he may win the by-election he triggered by resigning over the Government decision to back expansion at Heathrow.

However, Slough, whose council backs a third runway, produced more actual complaints, nearly 4000 over the three months – but from just 22 people. Overall, the top 10 complainants are making a complaint, on average, over 13 times a day.

Hillingdon, Heathrow’s host borough and one of its most vocal political opponents, produced just 25 complaints.

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