Supersewer plans in

Thames Water have submitted their plans for the Thames Tideway Tunnel, a new sewer for London which aims to clean up the Thames.

The giant tunnelling project would provide relief for London’s creaking victorian sewerage system, and prevent peak flow into the river itself. It is broadly supported by a number of environmental lobby groups.

However, construction of the tunnel requires a number of locations, including Carnwath Wharf in Fulham, to be used over a decade until completion and commissioning in 2023. LB Hammersmith & Fulham has opposed the use of Carnwath Wharf, and has in fact approved plans for a mixed use development on the site in direct conflict with Thames Water’s plans.

However, the Planning Inspectorate, and ultimately the Secretary of State will make the final decision, as the Tideway plans go direct to them.

See more from the Fulham Chronicle.

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