Super Sewer confirmed for Fulham

The Thames Water “Super Sewer” – the Tideway Tunnel – will use a site in Fulham for construction over the next six years.

The tunnel, needed to deal with increasing sewage and rainwater, and to prevent flooding and blocking back, is a larger engineering project than Crossrail. It’s key Fulham construction site will occupy a sizable site on Carnwath Road, which is earmarked in the local development plans for new homes.

LB Hammersmith & Fulham has been campaigning for this site to be located somewhere else, but Thams Water have now confirmed they want it to be Fulham.

Thames Water’s Phil Stride told the Fulham Chronicle: “Unfortunately, there are no easy or disruption-free options for building this much-needed piece of infrastructure, but we remain as determined as ever to reduce the impacts at the proposed sites as much as possible, whilst ensuring we deliver value for money.”

Leader-elect of Hammersmith & Fulham Council, Cllr Nick Botterill, said: “The super sewer is a prime example of the failure of sustainable water management in the UK. Instead of capturing the fresh rainwater and using it productively, Thames Water is allowing it to flow into the sewer network where it mixes with sewage causing problems for the River Thames. Thames Water’s solution is to charge customers £100 a year extra forever to raise billions of pounds to dig a massive concrete pipe. This massive sewer will divert the combined rainwater and sewage 20 odd miles to east London – only for it to be treated and put back into the river.”

“This is neither a green nor sustainable approach and is certainly not a good use of £4.1billion when money is tight.”

“To compound this hair-brained approach Thames Water is now completely ignoring the Mayor of London, the local council and thousands of residents by confirming the use of a tight knit residential area as their main sewer construction site.”

Thames Water’s plans will be conidered by a planning inspector before construction work is scheduled to start in 2015.

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