Streetwatcher removes two tonnes of rubbish from Greenford

Greenford Green 3

An Ealing Council co-ordinated volunteer programme cleared substantial amounts of waste from around Greenford Green at the weekend.

The Ealing Council Streetwatchers from Greenford Green ward volunteered their time on Saturday to remove more than two tonnes of rubbish from Greenford Green and the Grand Union Canal. During the event almost 130 square metres of graffiti was also cleared from around the area.

Ealing Council Executive Director for Environment and Customer Services, Keith Townsend, said: “Streetwatchers are dedicated local people that work with the council to provide on-the-ground support to keep our neighbourhoods clean and green.  They don’t just notify the council of envirocrimes, they actually get out and get their hands dirty to help us clear our streets, parks and waterways.”

The Streetwatchers initiative is a Council drive to bring public services and local people closer together. The Greenford clean-up over the weekend involved the Streetwatchers, Ealing Council staff and contractors who picked up litter and cleared overgrown vegetation, as well as volunteers from British Waterways who cleared the actual canal.

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