Stanmore residents oppose new bus route

Locals are unusually saying no to extra services in the Stanmore area.

It seems counterintuitive, but London Buses (a TfL subsidiary) proposal for a new bus route to help people get from Stanmore to Brent Cross (connecting Kingsbury and Hendon Central tube stations into the bargain) has hit significant opposition.

The objectors argue that the three-times-an-hour service would overburden already congested roads at peak times. It's odd that TfL are being criticised for attempting to run a better service in an area congested mainly by private cars. Some have commented that if the locals used the bus, the congestion might actually be eased.

That bus routes connecting tube and rail lines in an orbital sense are a good thing – both for shortening journey times and making economic links between local centres – is undisputed in the professional community, but it seems there is some distance to go before the public understand the upside.

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