Stamford Bridge expansion consultation

Chelsea FC are to open a consultation on options for the expansion of Stamford Bridge.

The club’s programme to see how the capacity¬†of Stamford Bridge could be grown is progressing, and they now plan to show their plans.

A year ago a study of the area from Fulham Broadway to Stamford Bridge and beyond was commissioned by Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich to examine the potential of upgrading the streetscape.

The study also began to assess the feasibility of an expansion of the stadium capacity within the existing historical site boundary, based on the principles of improving site access, benefiting the neighbourhood and enhancing the spectator experience.

Stamford Bridge can currently accommodate 41,837, much less than their Premier League rivals, and other european clubs. It is understood that Chelsea want to expand to around 60,000, and will suggest decking over the railway lines to the east and north of the ground.

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