St James submit White City plans

st james white citySt James have submitted a hybrid planning application for the redevelopment of the former Mark & Spencer in White City.

The proposed development involves the demolition of the existing warehouse and the construction of buildings ranging from 10 to 28 storeys containing up to 1465 new homes with ground floor uses including retail, restaurant, office, leisure and non-residential institutional.

The proposals include the provision of a new publicly accessible park which would serve the wider area alongside a variety of new public spaces, squares and routes. The main open space will extend above the central line cutting onto Wood Lane, allowing pedestrian access to the site.

The proposals also comprise the provision of two new marker buildings within White City which would be 27 storeys (the northern tower) and 28 storeys (the eastern tower).

Site Access is provided within the existing bridge from Wood Lane which will be refurbished and extended to include a new vehicular bridge connected to the existing structure.

St James are also looking for outline planning permission for the redevelopment of the remainder of the site for predominantly residential use – making a total of up to 1800 homes across the site – with ground floor flexible use which includes the provision of the new park, public areas and routes.

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