SSE sign up for Met Park

SSE, a leading electricity and gas company, has signed for space in SEGRO’s Metropolitan Park, Greenford. The company has moved into an 8,817 sq ft (819 sq m) unit on Long Drive, signing a three year lease.

Jeff Ward of SSE, comments: “Working closely with SEGRO has allowed us to find a facility which suits our specific needs. Developments within Metropolitan Park are modern, secure and located in a prime area of West London, enabling us to efficiently deliver local projects.”

Ken Butcher of SEGRO, added: “Metropolitan Park provides the opportunity for companies, such as SSE, to locate to an established, thriving business environment, which fronts the A40, Western Avenue. Developing a strong working relationship with SSE has allowed us to fully understand their requirements and offer a development and lease to suit their business objectives.” 

In addition to SSE, Eurocell Building Plastics is also moving into Metropolitan Park, signing a five year lease on a 3,001 sq ft unit.

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