SSE pitches for Davies JR

Stop Stansted Expansion (SSE) has filed a¬†Judicial Review application over some of the Davies Commission’s processes.

SSE are asking the High Court to order the Commission to re-determine the sift criteria for assessing airport expansion options and to delay the publication of any shortlist of options until the sift criteria have been re-determined.

The legal challenge is on the grounds of apparent bias, and concerns the role played by Mr Geoff Muirhead, who resigned from the Airports Commission three weeks ago, and who was a former CEO of Manchester Airports Group (M.A.G.) the owner of Stansted.

SSE say that Mr Muirhead may have had a continuing paid role for M.A.G. while he was a commissioner for the Davies Review, and argues this may have introduced bias. They also argue that his resignation does not remove any bias he may have  introduced to the sifting criteria, and that the process should be rerun.

A Judicial Review could significantly delay the timetable of the Davies Review, something which business bodies would be angry with. Most business organisations want a decision taken, and action on new runways for London, as quickly as possible.


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