Spelthorne Council calls for Heathrow compensation extension

Spelthorne Council has called for the compensation scheme proposed by Heathrow Airport in its current third runway consultation to be expanded to include parts of their borough.

Although the Council has been a long-standing supporter of Heathrow expansion due to the economic benefits, it says it wants its residents to be compensated.

The Council says it is particularly concerned that, under the current proposals, no Spelthorne residents will benefit from the package of measures known as the “Wider Property Offer Zone”. These measures include residents being able to sell their home at the market value of the property “as if expansion had never been promised or taken place” plus a 25% uplift.

It says that excluding south of the airport from the WPOZ is wrong, as they will also be affected bynoise, air quality, and construction work, and that their property value could be negatively affected.

Cllr Ian Harvey, Leader of Spelthorne Borough Council, said: “Whilst we recognise the economic benefits that expansion can bring to the local area as well as nationally, it is important that we continue to fight for our residents to be properly compensated and left with community legacy benefits. We must not be the poor relation in terms of the compensation packages on offer elsewhere.”

The Council has previously published a list of 10 demands that it is seeking from Heathrow which include the expansion of the WPOZ to cover the whole of Stanwell Moor and large parts of Stanwell, a promise not to site any immigration removal centres in the borough, and a commitment to support the council in its bid to have the borough included in TfL’s zone 6.

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