Southall Station ambitions

Merrick Road industrial park Ealing Council has said they are looking to revitalise the area around Southall station, which will be on the Crossrail line.

Southall already has significant plans on the 90a National Grid site, but according to the Council there are parcels of land around Southall Station which offer more opportunity.

The land to the north of Southall Station and Southall Station tracks, Merrick Road and Middlesex Business Park, and some Council owned housing estates and open space add to to around 3.5ha. The current use of the site which has been vacant for the past year, is light industrial, built in the 80’s and largely populated by warehouse storage units and offices.

There is the opportunity, they say, to create a new part of Southall around the new CrossRail station to include a higher density mixed use scheme including residential, employment and leisure uses.

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