South Ruislip Library to be replaced

LB Hillingdon have outlined plans to replace the Library, and add an education centre and new affordable homes.

The new South Ruislip library will be built on the site of the present one, but will be larger and include a Starbucks cafe, an adult education facility, and new affordable residential flats on upper floors. The centre will also host the displaced Swallows Youth Centre, who lost their home earlier in the year.

Councillor Ray Puddifoot told the Hillingdon Times: “These developments are about providing something for the whole community. We’re building on the success that we’ve had with our new libraries in other areas of the borough and combining this with providing the opportunity for residents to get on the property ladder, as we did in Ruislip Manor. Providing a new youth centre will also give all young people in Hillingdon the chance to take part in a range of activities and really maximise this site as a community resource.”


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