South Acton goes to OJEU

Barrie house domlition LB Ealing has issued an OJEU notice for the £110m phase 2 regeneration of the South Acton Estate.

Phase 1 was the stand alone rebuild of the unsafe Barrie House (pictured), which was demolished and replaced by Catalyst Housing Group in 2001, providing 86 resi units.

Now the Council is looking for a private develper partner to complete the regeneration of a further 1700 homes on the estate, and a possible 1600 new homes.

South Acton has 1 800 Local Authority owned homes over 40 acres. Only 20 % of the homes are leasehold. Its geographic location, north of Chiswick, and south of Acton High Street, and excellent transport links with South Acton main line station and Acton Town tube permits a doubling of the existing density, says the Council. They indicate the potential for development of 3 400 homes
on the estate.

There are three cleared sites already available to kick start the process that help continue a substantial decant programme which is already well underway. Additional blocks will be decanted within 18 months freeing 2 further development opportunities, says the Council.

There are some 300 leaseholders and freeholders whose properties will need to be acquired. LB Ealing will require that leasehold or equity options be made available for those who wish to remain on site or are willing to consider off-site provision.

The Council say they will consider proposals, or may specify requirements, in relation to a joint venture approach, including for example a local housing company or other vehicle to carry out the development.

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