Solar powered pop-up shop launched to help creative start-ups

kioskiosk - pic Hayley MaddenBoris Johnson and Red or Dead’s Wayne Hemingway have launched a pop-up shop concept offering rent-free retail space for budding creative entrepreneurs in London.

The solar powered KiosKiosK is providing rent-free space for people with creative products to sell Рwhich includes ceramics, clothes, jewellery, bags and furniture. The idea is to help new businesses with great ideas get a step-up on the ladder to success in tough economic times.

Creative industries are a significant contributor to Londons economy supporting thousands of jobs, but like many sectors, the economic downturn has made trading more difficult with waiting lists for existing available studio space. The Mayor hopes these low cost ‘pop up’ shops will provide a template for London by offering a helping hand for businesses that may be priced out of high cost, high street and prime retail locations.

This will also help to support the growth of smaller, independent shops increasing consumer choices. Trading and shopping locally also helps to cut the pollution and carbon emissions coming from the transportation of goods.

Wayne Hemingway, said: We believe that the KiosKiosk concept is a simple and cost effective way to spice up our towns and cities. This architecturally interesting, easy to construct retail space, gives entrepreneurs and creative minds a chance to have a go and put their ideas in front of the public to encourage an enterprise culture. This also adds excitement to our streets.

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, said: Creative industries not only play a significant role in Londons diverse economy, but also make a massive contribution to the cultural vibrancy of our wonderful city. It is vital we nurture our fledging creative talent in these tough times and this cracking pop-up shop is a simple but effective way to do so.

KiosKiosK, is part of the Design Museums Super Contemporary Exhibition. Deyan Sudjic, Director of the Design Museum, said: Inspiring and nurturing the next generation of creative leaders is key for the Design Museum.’

For a timetable of what is being sold and other events in the KiosKiosK over the coming months including opening hours, visit:

The London Sustainable Development Commission is hosting a stakeholder event at City Hall to provide more information, and promote the take-up of, KiosKiosk for local authorities, developers, commercial landlords and academics. Keynotes speakers will include Wayne Hemingway, and Anthony Browne, policy advisor to the Mayor of London.

Picture credit – Hayley Madden

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