Slough serves CPOs on derelict properties

Home owners of derelict homes in the borough have been served with a notice of compulsory purchase (CPO) by the council as part of a new ‘use it or lose it’ policy.

The new policy of CPOing privately owned unused and derelict properties was approved in November last year and now the first notices have hit the mats.

Three properties have been targeted in Bath Road, Dawes Moor Close and Warwick Avenue. Two have been empty since at least the turn of the century and the other since 1990. All the properties being targeted will be brought back into residential use by the council.

Councillor Zaffar Ajaib, commissioner for housing and urban renewal, said: “In an area like Slough where housing is at a premium and more homes desperately needed, there is no reasonable excuse for homes to be left to rot.

“We promised we would get these properties back into use, back to being the homes they deserve to be for local families and this is the next step.”

He continued: “These properties have been empty for years and have been the subject of numerous complaints from neighbours due to the state of them.

“Properties left to deteriorate like this attract anti-social behaviour like squatting, unpleasant smells and flytipping and rats due to the overgrown gardens and rubbish dumped there.

“They are eyesores on their neighbourhoods and cause misery for residents and as there seems to be no prospect of properties like this being brought back into use voluntarily, we have stepped in.”

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