Slough consults on sites

Slough Council has opened a consultation on more than 100 proposals submitted to the council suggesting potential sites for new homes, employment, community uses and other facilities across the borough over the next 20 years.

Slough Borough Council’s planning team ran a ‘call for sites’ exercise for eight weeks earlier in 2016. Around 130 proposals – including many in Colnbrook and Poyle and the town centre – were put forward.

All of the sites are now being presented for consultation. An interatcive map has been placed on the local plan website.

Paul Stimpson, planning policy lead for Slough Borough Council, said: “Our population is growing and we have a shortage of land to build new homes, not to mention the schools, jobs, transport and leisure our communities need.

“This consultation process taps local people’s knowledge and gives them a say on the future of the town, whether it’s where we put new housing, how we employ people, what shops or leisure facilities we should offer, or how we use our parks.

“We want Slough to be a place where people want to live, work, play and stay – and as part of that our new local plan will guide development in Slough until 2036.”

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