Slough consults on Salt Hill

Slough Council is consulting on a new leisure facility to replace the bowling alley at Salt Hill Park.

The contract for the current operator of the bowling alley comes to an end in May 2017 and a new leisure facility on the site is being planned.

The council is using the contract event as an opportunity to completely refurbish the building and offer new leisure and sports activities.

Ideas include a replacement bowling alley, a large soft play area, high-wire climbing zone, and trampolining.

Alison Hibbert, head of leisure, said: “There has been a lot of misinformation put around by the current contractor of the bowling alley presumably because they are upset their contract is ending.

“I can state categorically and reassure those who are concerned; we have no plans to close the building or shut down bowling provision permanently – though there will obviously be a pause in service during the refurbishment.”

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