Slough and Heathrow’s creative juices noted

Slough and Heathrow have come second, behind London, in a list of creative conurbations in a report from Creative England and Nesta published last month.

That creative industries make an important economic contribution at the national level to the UK economy is well recognised – official statistics put their GVA contribution at £81.4 billion or 5.2% of the whole economy.  With GVA growth of 8.9% between 2013 and 2014 the sector is growing almost twice as fast as the UK as a whole.

Less well known is the contribution to the sector made by Slough and the other creative conurbations.  The Slough-Heathrow creative conurbation comprises over 14,000 businesses, collectively employing over 66,000 people and contributing over £6.25 million of GVA to the local economy.

This puts Slough above neighbours in Reading (4th on the list) and significantly above the traditionally recognised creative hotspot of Brighton (22nd on the list).

See the full report – The Geography of Creativity in the UK.

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