Sky studios approved

Plans by Sky for a major new studio on the edge of West London have been approved. 

Sky is working with NBCUniversal and Legal & General on the plans for a 12 sound stage studio in Elstree. It is due to open in 2022 and set to lead to the creation of over 2,000 jobs in the local area. Sky predicts up to £3 billion will be invested in new production at the site over the first five years.

This is a significant commitment to the UK film and TV production sector, which was growing strongly in 2019, and is an area where West London already has a significant footprint. The string of studios around the north west M25, along with Ealing Studios, West London Studios, and the significant number of spaces and post-production companies in and around Park Royal, make West London a major home for the global film industry.

The film sector is one where the UK has a significant heritage and current competitive advantage, and has the potential to contribute significantly to our economic recovery. Caroline Cooper, chief financial officer at Sky Studios, said: “Sky Studios Elstree represents Sky’s continued commitment to the UK’s cultural economy, as well as our goal to recruit, train and develop the leading creative talent of tomorrow.”

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